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Portuguese love good food and drinks. Every village has a daily fresh market. This market mainly sells vegetables, fruit and fish. Go and visit a market. You will see how much variation there is in fresh products and how critical the Portuguese are in selecting their fish.

Go in a pasteleria and see (and try a few) all the beautiful pastries and cookies in the display case. You will notice that the Portuguese like sweet pastries.

Portugal’s cuisine is simple and honest. Often ingredients are used such as cinnamon, garlic, coriander and peppers. This is the result of many discoverytrips and influences from the former colonies of Portugal.

In Portugal itself grows many types of fruit, vegetables and olives. The meat is mostly of Porugese origin and because of the Atlantic Ocean coast, every menu in Portugal has starters and main courses with fresh fish and seafood and of course with bacalhau (salt codfish). Some say that every day of the year there is a recipe with bacalhau in Portugal.

Lunch is very important for the Portuguese. Lunch in Portugal is a hot meal. Plenty of time is also taken for lunch.

All this tasty is consumed with a glass of wine. Portugal has several good wine regions, where a lot of wine is made. The Portuguese wines are very full of flavor. Really recommended !!

There are also several winehouses in the area of Casa entre Praias. The Quinta dos Capuchos winehouse is located near Alcobacao. Delicious red wines are made at this Quinta. The Reserva in particular is really fantastic and very affordable.

There is also the possibility to do a tour here and a winetasting. In the store at the Quinta they sell their wine and other tasty local products. If you want to discover more winehouses, follow the wine route. A nice wine route starts near our casa, where various winehouses can be visited.

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